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Thank you: That was a hell of a lot of fun.

Morex Optimo clip from final show, Luna Lounge, 2007.

Morex Optimo Live in Vienna.

Another generation.

We're going crazy!.

Heather Moon and Kristofer Daltry on stage in France. Morex Optimo's Heather Wagner and Kristofer Widholm are performing in an ambitious re-enactment of The Who's legendary destructive performance at the Monterey Pop Festival for "Une Questione de Génération" the upcoming exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyon, France, February 15, 2007

Our 2006 European Tour with Room. Pictures and a narrative of sorts from our unbelievably hectic and dreamy (hallucinatory??) two weeks spent playing for the most lovely audiences in the most lovely locations together with friends and fellow musicans Room.

Morex Optimo vs. Robbie Williams in Bern, Switzerland. Yes, we had to go head-to-head with Robbie Williams when we played in Bern. The best of Bern showed up to our show, and I believe Mr. Williams is still smarting from when he walked up to his dad on the streets of Bern and his dad could only say "blööh" to him, since he had a popcicle stuck in his beard.

Frischer, intelligenter Powerpop aus New York. Powerpop? Well, we don't know about that, but a nice little piece of press about our show in St. Gallen, Switzerland. Evidently we play lively, tricky music. Well, duh, *life* is lively and tricky.

Morex Optimo 2.0!. We're honored, thrilled, flattered, hammered and borderline diarrheaic with excitement that we've got Negatone and Kapow!ist Jay Braun on bass and former Blue Spark, Overlordess and Anabolic Kerry Kennedy on guitar for our upcoming European tour!

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Brilliant, sprawling, absurdly musical.
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"After all they seemed to have captured David Bowie in his splendid '70s glam to bottle him up, shake it about, and spit forth a hegemony that will exist within the intelligent music world. Excellent indie rock with all the spicy flavors of intelligent conversation."Smother.net Editor's Pick

Thank you Luke Murphy for his fabulous art work which is on every square inch of our album, about 80% of this site and most importantly, all over our hearts.

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Armed with an arsenal of pop hooks and poetic charm, Morex Optimo has been relentlessly interrogating the possibilities of what punk, new wave and anthemic pop can be. Hailing from the NYC art-rock scene, they are best known for their weird and jagged mix of guitars, beats, and soaring vocals harmonies . With a nod to Fugazi, Gang of Four and the glitter of Bowie, Morex Optimo conjures tales of sacred places, reaching for the divine, and tumbling down from outer space.

With two critically acclaimed recordings under their belt, and several tours of Europe, Morex Optimo is embracing the audience it loves best: one that dances with its head and its heart. Morex Optimo's live concerts are impulsive explosions of cerebral and gutsy rock and roll and a refreshingly sincere earnestness.

In just a few years, Morex Optimo have produced an insanely ambitious body of work. 2004's amphetamine-paced Beast of Reflection, produced by Martin Bisi (Brian Eno, Sonic Youth, Dresden Dolls) found Morex Optimo taking indie rock and punk to extremes by searing through the genre's penchant for irony with a direct and impassioned sincerity, and by organically introducing elements of tension and abstraction throughout its 12 highly original tracks.

If Beast of Reflection saw Morex Optimo exploring the possibilities offered by the recording studio, on 3 Songs they took fuller advantage of that environment. With producer Jay Braun (Band of Susans, The Negatones, Kapow, Mooney Suzuki) twirling the knobs, the band moved into an expansive, textured set of songs with a more pronounced melodic orientation.

Morex Optimo is currently writing a new collection of material to be recorded in the fall with producer Mike Skinner at the helm. In the meantime you can catch them on tour in Europe and in the northeast USA.

Pierre de Gaillande [bass, vocals]: is a composer and multi-instrumentalist born in Paris, France who has worked with such memorable arists as Vic Chesnutt, C. Gibbs, The T. Griffin Coraline, and Melomane. He also makes soundtracks for movies.

Jan Haux [drums, vocals]: Originally from Germany, Jan plays pretty much every instrument needed for a rock band. Besides playing drums in Morex Optimo, Jan plays in a bunch of bands with Swiss people in them, including Room, Greatest Hits, and Aroma.

Kerry Kennedy [guitar, vocals]: Kerry Kennedy will start dancing at the drop of a hat, just 'cause she likes to dance. She moved to NYC in 2001 to play in Greg Garing's bluegrass band. She is a founding member of Blue Sparks; has played and or recorded with Cyndi Lauper, Angela McCluskey, Lenny Kaye, and Overlord; and can also be caught on occasion working on a new album that no one is allowed to hear.

Kristofer Widholm (vocals, guitar): Kristofer Widholm has been writing songs since age 6, when he first started walking his dog. His previous musical adventures include being Roger Daltry for Christoph Draeger's The Who? project at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Lyons, multiple acclaimed appearances at The Loser's Lounge, NYC, and his solo recordings and tours under the name Pharmacy and Gardens. When he is too tormented by his muse, he writes popular open source software tools.